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Growing up

I was born in Minden, Ne. January 14th, 1964 to Howard and Judy Taylor. In 1970 my only sibling, my sister, joined our family. We grew up as a normal family in my opinion. We all worked hard , both my parents worked fulltime and around age 10 I started two paper routes and mowed yards for spending money. I was in the Boy Scouts throughout school and involved in my school and church.

High School

When I started Middle and High school is the time I found out that I was good at math and loved the subject. I was always working ahead in the text books and other books that I picked up at the library. In the eighth grade I was asked if I wanted to jump a grade but my family and I decided to stay where I was. I was pretty much straight A's in school except for the language arts. I was in the band all four years in high school playing saxophone. In my senior year I won 2nd place at the Nebraska state science fair which was wonderful. I graduated from Minden High School in 1982, go Whippets!


I started my post secondary education at UNL in Mechanical Engineering. I was also a member of Beta Sigma Psi, a Lutheran service fraternity. I went to UNL for two years until I believe the fraternity life caught up with me and I returned back to Minden. I worked a couple years until the urge to return to college was to much, so while working fulltime I enrolled into Kearney State College. I graduated in December 1989 Cum Laude in Physics with a GPA of 3.74. I then took and passed the GRE and was offered a position at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. The first semester I took my load of classes, TA'ed for the engineering department and was enrolled in Nuclear Engineering. All at was the school lost its funding on the research I was working on and my wife became pregnant and homesick, so we moved back to Nebraska.

The Working Years

Grab interest

I then worked in the car business for years but always knew that one day I would get my teaching certificate. I learned many new and exciting things in the business, I was the service manager, parts manager and sometimes both. I learned all about the business side of a retail business and helped build the dealership up from the back end. This is where I learned how to handle pressure since it was a non-stop atmosphere. I still had the urge to teach and it was growing by the year. My Mother passed away and that gave me the courage and desire to finish school, I enrolled in UNK as a non-degree graduate student working towards my teaching certificate. I know that I've always wanted to teach and now that I'm in the classes I couldn't be happier.

Professional Qualifications & Experiences

All through my career in the automotive business I have been training new hires and constantly teaching new ideas to them from the manufacturer. I have learned many new concepts in my life and career, almost on a daily occurrence. While not having a teaching certificate I do feel that I have spent my life helping and showing people new and different ways to accomplish a task. I was also constantly learning on my own through manufactures classes offered for me to take.


My goal is to become the best teacher that I can possibly be. I am and will be taking as many classes as I can, being I would like to be certified in both the Sciences and Mathematics. I am also hoping that I can receive a job in a school district where I can plant my roots and stay there until retirement. I am seeking to receive a Master's in Education to help me in my teaching and to help in my hiring by being a more ready employee.

Use of Technology

While technology has grown leaps and bounds since my undergraduate days, I have stayed up with it as much as I could on my own. Last semester I took a Math class and all assignments were to be turned in online using LaTex format, now I had never heard of this so  I buckled down, bought a book and learned this new language for scientific and mathematical papers. I am not afraid of learning something new at any time.


Diversity in my Life

In my many news of retail work in the auto business I have dealt with many different cultures. From non-English speaking Hispanics, Somalia refugees to customer from all around Europe. I was able to adapt and change my approach with each background I have encountered in my life.

Graduate School

Now that I'm back in school I'm feeling whole again. I enjoy learning new things and enjoying the teaching curriculum. I would like change my no-degree graduate school status to a Masters Degree in Education. I enjoy teaching snd helping people to learn a new skill or subject. My career goals are to receive my Masters Degree and teach high school sciences and maybe some math. I am planning on getting hired on as a transitional teaching position while continuing my own education. I am hoping to get into a growing school and stay there until my career is done. I am also planning on picking up some math courses during the summer months or maybe night classes. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be considered a candidate in the Masters program at UNK and look forward to caring on the Loper name in the future.

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